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Are you ready to kick your laser engraving projects up a notch? try a rotary attachment to start engraving anything from wine bottles, rolling pins and yeti tumblers to pencils, chopsticks or any round object you can get your hands on!

With a footprint small enough to fit in nearly every laser engraver, this unit is completely adjustable in length, moveable rollers will also adjust to accommodate tapered and offset objects. CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, and built for high volume use. A large Nema 23 stepper motor is included and prewired for a hassle free plug and play experience. No additional motor drivers or power supply is needed, this runs off of your existing laser engraver stepper motor driver when plugged into the rotary attachment port. All Rolling surfaces are ball bearing supported and precision is enhanced with aluminum timing gears and a fiberglass filled closed loop timing belt.Assembly takes approx. 10 minutes, and lightburn software values are engraved onto the rotary for safe keeping.


approx 18" long

height from base to the top of drive wheels 3.75"

We will install a different connector if your machine requires one and we stock a variety of different connectors for most current machines.

Co2 Laser Rotary Attachment

SKU: LR360
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